Recommended Instagramable Hits Cafe in Jakarta

Recommended Instagramable Hits Cafe in Jakarta – Jakarta is a place that has lots of interesting places to visit with friends or family. Do you remember the last time you ate out? Maybe it’s been a long time since I’ve played or eaten out because the pandemic hasn’t gotten better.

Some people choose a place to eat because the menu is interesting and delicious. However, not a few are looking for a place to eat because of the Instagramable atmosphere.

Especially for those of you who love photography and want to beautify your Instagram feed, here are some Instagramable places to eat in Jakarta. Write it down and save it first, you can visit it when the situation gets better later.


Rekomendasi Cafe Instagramable Hits di Jakarta
1. Coconuts & Curtains
Kokonut & Curtains carries a unique Balinese concept. Dominated by white interior and green plants that soothe the eyes.

In addition, using wooden ornaments and furniture that gives a natural impression, really reminds us of cafes in Bali. This place to eat is dominated by Western menus.

Location: Taman Ria Senayan Complex, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Gelora, South Jakarta.

Operational hours: every day at 08.00-19.30 WIB.

Price: Rp. 22 thousand-Rp. 150 thousand.

2. Breezy Sky
Langit Seduh is located on the rooftop of the 101 Urban Jakarta Thamrin hotel. The view is a skyscraper ilpuntocaffecavour in Jakarta.

The best time to visit this place is in the afternoon. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset while enjoying a variety of delicious and contemporary dishes.

Location: 101 Urban Jakarta Thamrin, Jalan Taman Kebon Sirih 1 Number 3-4, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

Operational hours: every day at 15.00-21.00 WIB.

Price: Rp. 25 thousand-Rp. 100 thousand.

3. Good Morning Coffee
Good Morning Coffee is a new hangout place in 2021. This place went viral on TikTok and managed to attract the attention of young people.

Has a minimalist interior that is dominated by white. You can have a beautiful coffee in an open space with an atmosphere like in Bali.

Location: North Mandala Street No. 1, Tomang, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta.

Operational hours: every day at 08.00-20.00 WIB.

Price: Rp. 18 thousand-Rp. 100 thousand.


4. Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata has a modern rustic concept. Every corner looks very Instagenic. There are many ornaments of dried flowers and bamboo.

The chairs and swings are made of rattan, so they look both aesthetic and comfortable. This place consists of two floors, plus a backyard which is a smoking area.

Location: Mid 5th Street, Cijantung, Pasar Rebo District, East Jakarta.

Operational hours: every day at 12.00-19.30 WIB.

Price: Rp. 10 thousand-Rp. 50 thousand.

5. Ottoman’s Coffee
Ottoman’s Coffee is dominated by beautiful pastel colors. Every corner is perfect for a selfie spot. Coupled with interesting murals that can beautify your Instagram feed.

Decorated with LED lights that will make your photo background more attractive. This place to eat is dominated by a typical Western menu that is arranged in an attractive manner.

Location: Sopo Del Tower, Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat III Lot 10, Kuningan, Kuningan Timur, South Jakarta.

Operational hours: Monday-Tuesday at 07.30-19.00 WIB and Wednesday-Sunday at 08.30-19.30 WIB.


List of Famous Ships that Sunk While Sailing

List of Famous Ships that Sunk While Sailing – As many of us know that nowadays more and more people are using ships to be able to sail and also enjoy the beautiful sea.

Who doesn’t know about the RMS Titanic? Completed on April 2, 1912, this British-made cruise ship sank even though it was only the maiden voyage. On April 10, 1912, or just a week sailing to New York City, United States (US), Titanic hit the tip of the iceberg and killed more than 1,500 people.

However, did you know that the RMS Titanic is not the first to experience it? Before and after the Titanic, this is the famous ship that sank even though it was the first time to sail. Unexpected and sad at the same time!

List of Famous Ships that Sunk While Sailing
1. Batavia (1628)
Built in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, by the Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie (VOC) and completed in 1628, Batavia sailed from the Netherlands to Batavia (present-day Jakarta), the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). Headed by Francisco Pelsaert, the ship was carrying 340 passengers and gold and silver.

However, the skipper Ariaen Jacobsz and the merchant Jeronimus Cornelisz plotted to hijack Batavia. So Jacobsz deliberately halukboga steered Batavia off the beaten track and planned various incidents to trigger riots. On June 4, 1629, Batavia crashed into Morning Reef, Australia, and sank, taking 40 lives with it.

When Pelsaert went to seek help, Jacobsz established himself as leader and slaughtered 125 souls and held several women as sex slaves. Pelsaert returned and upon hearing about the incident, arrested and executed Cornelisz along with six of his accomplices.

2. Amazon RMS (1851)
Built in 1850 and completed in 1851, the RMS Amazon was sent from London to Southampton to serve the Caribbean Islands. On January 2, 1852, the Amazon sailed for the first time carrying valuable cargo, mail, and 50 passengers. In the first 24 hours, the steamer did not move because the engine was too hot.

On arriving at the Bay of Biscay (the border of France and Spain) on January 4, 1852, the Amazon suddenly caught fire. Because it could not be extinguished and the engine could not be turned off, the passengers were even thrown into the water. Looking fiery red, the Amazon finally sank 30 minutes later.

3. RMS Tayleur (1854)
Nicknamed the “First Titanic”, the RMS Tayleur was a clipper ship manufactured by White Star Line, the Titanic manufacturer for the gold trade route in Australia. Completed in 6 months, Tayleur sailed from Liverpool, England to Melbourne, Australia in 1854.

Within 48 hours, the crew believed they were sailing south in the Irish Sea, when the ship was sailing west for Ireland. Apparently, the ship’s compass didn’t work because the ship’s hull was made of iron. Due to heavy fog and storms, the ship was tossed and ran aground on the east coast of Lambay Island, Ireland.

Unable to lower the lifeboats, the crew knocked down the mast so the passengers could crawl on it. Of the 650 passengers onboard the Tayleur, only 280 survived.

Know the Risks of Eating Too Much Bitter Gourd for Health

Know the Risks of Eating Too Much Bitter Gourd for Health – As we all know that bitter melon is a vegetable that has a bitter taste so not many people like it. Since long ago bitter melon has been used as an herbal medicine and is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels. In Indonesia itself, bitter melon is used in various dishes such as dumplings, stir-fried bitter melon, and many more. Although bitter, but the benefits it offers are many.

On the other hand, for those who like bitter melon, you need to be careful because consuming it excessively in the long term can cause bad effects on health, lo! Anything? Read the explanation below to the end, yes!

Know the Risks of Eating Too Much Bitter Gourd for Health

1. Can cause miscarriage
Pare is a vegetable that is not recommended for pregnant women when consumed in excess. According to a report entitled “Forbidden Foods for Healthy Pregnancy” in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews in 2018, if pregnant women consume too much bitter melon, the bitter taste of bitter maghrebceramique melon can trigger uterine contractions that can cause miscarriage.

Similarly, consuming it in the form of juice, is said to induce uterine contractions, causing bleeding, abortion, and premature labour.

Bitter gourd seeds contain vicine (vicine) which can cause favism or a condition of deficiency of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) in pregnant women. In an experiment, bitter melon protein content called momorcharin is known to have the effect of inhibiting spermatogenesis in experimental dogs and has an antifertility effect in female rats.

Due to decreased fertility and miscarriage in some of these experimental animals, bitter melon may have an equally harmful effect on humans.


2. Can be bad for the heart
Based on a study on mice published in the journal Analytical Biochemistry in 2016, it was found that high doses of bitter melon water extract can cause hepatotoxicity. Hepatoxicity is a condition in which the liver is damaged by toxic substances.

So, there is a possibility that bitter melon consumed in the long term and in high doses can cause liver inflammation. This may be due to the compound momorcharin in bitter melon. However, do not worry because consumption of bitter melon in reasonable limits is still beneficial for health.

3. Can cause kidney problems
A study published in the Journal of Nephropathology in 2014 found that giving a dose of bitter melon up to 4,000 mg/kg body weight to white rats was considered safe, because it showed no effect on the kidney function of the rats. However, more than that can trigger kidney problems.

For a safe amount, you can consult a doctor or nutritionist. Because, everyone may have a different tolerance for dosage intake.

This is The Deepest Swimming Pool in The World

This is The Deepest Swimming Pool in The World – Most people definitely like swimming and also enjoy the water they want to feel. Swimming can be done alone or together with other people who also like swimming. Swimming can make us feel lighter and also relieve the burden little by little. Have you ever imagined swimming and diving in a swimming pool that is up to 60 meters deep? Wow, that sure makes goosebumps!

The following row of swimming pools has a fantastic depth. Not only used for ordinary swimming, but also commonly used for diving training, filming, and research.

Here is a row of the deepest swimming pools in the world that you can add to your holiday bucket list, especially if you are a swimming or diving lover.

This is The Deepest Swimming Pool in The World

1. Abyssea Diving Center
The Abyssea Diving Center is located in Civaux, Vienne, France. This swimming pool siquijortour is located in a fitness center that can be used for recreation, swimming, and practicing diving. There is a swimming pool with a depth of 5 meters to 20 meters.

2. Fosse de Villeneuve-la-Garenne
Still in France, there is also the Fosse de Villeneuve-la-Garenne swimming pool. Its location is north of Paris, France.

Here there are three pools with different depths. Starting from a depth of 5 meters, 10 meters, up to 20 meters. In addition to swimming, this swimming pool is also commonly used for diving training.

3. Nemo 33
The next deepest swimming pool is Nemo 33. Its location is in the city of Brussels, Belgium. The maximum depth of the Nemo 33 is about 34.5 meters.

The water in the pool is heated to 30 degrees Celsius, so swimmers and divers can enjoy it without a wetsuit. Nemo 33 can be used as a place for recreation, diving training, to filming movies.


4. Y-40 Deep Joy
Y-40 Deep Joy had the title of being the deepest swimming pool in the world. The location is at the Hotel Terme Millepini, Motehrotto Terme, Italy. The swimming pool of this four-star hotel has a depth of up to 42 meters or the equivalent of a 14-story building. Wow!

The Y-40 Deep Joy features a heater that keeps the pool at a moderately warm temperature. This swimming pool can accommodate up to 4,300 cubic meters of water.

5. Deepspot
Y-40 Deep Joy’s record didn’t last long before it was finally broken by Deepspot. The location is in the City of Mszczonow, Poland.

The depth of the Deepspot swimming pool reaches a total of 45.5 meters and contains 8,000 cubic meters of water. This swimming pool is designed as a training and training pool for divers of all levels. In fact, there are small shipwrecks for divers to explore.

6. Blue Abyss
Blue Abyss is the second deepest swimming pool in the world. The location is in Cornwall, England. This swimming pool will only open in 2022, with a depth of 50 meters.

List of Recommended Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta

List of Recommended Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta – Nowadays, there are more and more restaurants that are open everywhere and also provide an extraordinary appearance and can make visitors comfortable. South Jakarta is the right area for you to visit to enjoy the enchanting night atmosphere and maximum service offered by various luxury restaurants, where you can find the best quality taste from various interesting menu variants to try. Well, some of these luxury restaurants located in South Jakarta are able to offer the best quality dishes. Come on, see anything!

List of Recommended Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta

1. Plataran Dharmawangsa
This restaurant, which is widely known through its interior design that carries traditional Javanese concepts in it, has received awards in the culinary longdongles field so that you can enjoy various variants of Indonesian specialties with delicious flavors.

In addition, Plataran Dharmawangsa also offers an interior design that is able to bring a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere in it through a combination of charming traditional aspects. Well, one of the most popular menus from this luxury restaurant is Dharmawangsa Chicken, beef jerky, and various other menu variants.

2. PASOLA Jakarta
You can find Pasola on the 6th floor of The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, where this restaurant has been known as one of the luxury restaurants located in South Jakarta so you need to spend starting from IDR 700 thousand to enjoy the delicious taste of the menu offered by Pasola, yes. Well, Pasola offers various menu variants that come from a combination of Western and traditional Indonesian dishes such as rendang and oxtail soup. In addition, you can also enjoy the interior of the room with a luxurious atmosphere accompanied by a night view of the enchanting city of Jakarta.

3. House of Yuen
If you are a lover of Chinese dishes, then House of Yuen is the right culinary destination for you to visit in the Senayan area, South Jakarta. You can enjoy various variants of Cantonese-style menus that are able to bring delicious flavors and stunning visual appearances. With an interior dominated by gold-colored elements, House of Yuen is able to offer a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere in it so that you can find various aesthetic angles in the entire room. Well, make sure you have prepared a budget of around IDR 700 thousand, OK?

Ketahuilah Efek Samping Minum Kopi Berlebih untuk Kesehatan

Ketahuilah Efek Samping Minum Kopi Berlebih untuk Kesehatan – Seperti yang banyak kita ketahui bahwa apapun yang berlebihan nilainya adalah buruk dan tidak baik. Termasuk saat mengkonsumsi suatu makanan atau minuman dengan jumlah yang banyak. Pada dasarnya kopi aman untuk dikonsumsi, bahkan memberi manfaat positif untuk kesehatan. Selain itu, juga punya manfaat tersendiri untuk perawatan kulit bagi para wanita. Akan tetapi, meskipun aman sekalipun, kalau dikonsumsi secara berlebihan ujung-ujungnya bakal bahaya dan berdampak buruk untuk kesehatan.

Ketahuilah Efek Samping Minum Kopi Berlebih untuk Kesehatan

1. Tanpa sadar jadi mengidap insomnia
Mengonsumsi kafein bisa meningkatkan daya konsentrasi dan memberimu energi tambahan untuk beraktivitas health. Jadi, jangan heran kalau efek samping dari kebanyakan minum kopi bikin kamu kesulitan tidur. Tidak bisa beristirahat optimal terus-terusn, bisa membuat kondisi badanmu memburuk. Bisa-bisa kamu malah mengalami insomnia akut dan harus minum obat tidur untuk bisa terlelap dan istirahat.

2. Menimbulkan masalah percernaan
Terlalu banyak minum kopi juga bisa bikin kamu sakit terutama menimbulkan masalah pada pencernaan. Kandungan kafein pada kopi akan merangsang bagian dalam perut seperti usus. Hal itu mendorong keinginan untuk buang air besar dan kalau berlebihan, malah bisa membuatmu diare.

Selain itu, jangan lupa juga ada resiko jangka panjang dari mengonsumsi kopi, yaitu bisa terkena penyakit maag. Pasti gak mau kan pencernaan justru terganggu hanya karena kebanyakan minum kopi?

3. Kencanduan berlebihan yang bisa mempengaruhi psikologis
Terlalu banyak dan sering minum kopi gak hanya buruk untuk kesehatan fisik tapi juga buruk untuk psikologis. Dimana kamu jadi kecanduan dan merasa bahwa hidupmu tidak bisa lepas dari kopi.

Efek samping ini mirip dengan penggunaan obat-obatan berlebihan yang di luar pengawasan dokter. Dampaknya apa? Kalau gak minum kopi kamu bisa stres, bingung seperti linglung, dan tidak bisa melakukan aktivitas secara normal seperti biasanya.

4. Menyebabkan kelelahan kalau gak minum kopi
Pada dasarnya minum kopi memang bisa membuatmu jadi lebih bersemangat, menambah energi dalam tubuh, dan kamu pun merasa lebih segar segera setelah meminumnya. Akan tetapi, kalau sudah terbiasa mengonsumsinya apalagi jika sudah sampai di tahap berlebihan, maka efek sampingnya justru bisa kebalikannya. Tubuhmu jadi merasa sangat lelah atau ngantuk berat kalau tidak minum kopi. Sistem kerja tubuhmu jadi tidak normal lagi.

5. Sering buang air kecil
Terlalu banyak minum kopi juga berefek samping bikin kamu jadi lebih sering buang air kecil, lho. Kamu bisa menandainya dari intensitas buang airmu yang menjadi semakin sering.  Kondisi seperti ini lebih banyak dialami oleh orang tua yang sistem tubuhnya sudah menua.

Rekomendasi Mobil Mini dengan Harga Termurah

Rekomendasi Mobil Mini dengan Harga Termurah – Mobil merupakan salah satu alat tranportasi yang bisa di gunakan untuk dapat berpergian bersama dengan keluarga. Mobil yang dibeli pun menyesuaikan dengan kebutuhan dari penggunanya. Seperti jika memiliki keluarga besar, biasanya cenderung memilih mobil dengan kapasitas besar pula. Sedangkan untuk keluarga kecil atau mobil pribadi, mobil mini sering kali menjadi pilihan.

Banyak kelebihan dari mobil kecil car kalau dibandingkan dengan mobil-mobil konvensional dengan ukuran yang besar. Salah satu keunggulannya adalah bisa lebih mudah untuk terhindar dari macet dan mudah untuk menyediakan lahan parkir.

Rekomendasi Mobil Mini dengan Harga Termurah

1. Toyota Agya
Harga : Rp 143,8 juta
Saat ini, Toyota Agya bisa menjadi pilihan untuk mobil kecil murah saat ini. Bodinya kecil tetapi mesinnya sudah berkapasitas 1.197 cc. Selain itu mobil kecil ini bisa menampung hingga 5 penumpang. Ada pula sistem transmisi manual dengan 4 percepatan yang semakin membuat mobil ini lebih menarik untuk dimiliki.

2. Toyota Etios Valco
Harga : Rp 162,2 juta
Kedua ada Toyota Etios Valco yang juga menjadi salah satu mobil mini yang populer di Indonesia. Mobik mini murah ini memiliki 4 varian berbeda dan bisa dipilih sesuai dengan selera.

Keempatnya pun sudah dilengkapi dengan mesin 1.197 cc dan bisa memberikan tenaga berkelas bagi mobil kecil ini. Bukan hanya itu saja, karena terdapat pula keamanan berupa Anti Theft Device & Anti-Theft Alarm.

3. Suzuki Ignis
Harga : Rp 171 juta
Rekomendasi selanjutnya ada Suzuki Ignis yang masuk pada kategori mobil urban SUV premium. Beberapa keunggulannya terdapat pada segi model, fitur, sampai ke tingkat efisiensi dari bahan bakar.

Mobil ini pun masuk pada daftar mobil kecil murah yang awet bahan bakar. Meski memiliki harga murah, ternyata mobil sudah ditopang dengan mesin berkapasitas 1.197 dan bisa diisi hingga 5 penumpang.

4. Honda Brio Satya
Harga : Rp 146 juta
Honda Brio Satya menjadi rekomendasi dari kami berikutnya. Mobil ini sendiri menjadi salah satu pilihan mobil kecil terbaik karena memiliki harga murah dan sudah pula ditopang dengan keberadaan mesin 1.119 cc. Penumpang yang bisa dibawa oleh mobil ini berjumlah 5 orang, sehingga Anda bisa membawa keluarga kecil Anda berjalan-jalan dengan mobil ini.

5. Nissan March
Harga : Rp 185 juta / Rp 225,6 Juta
Nissan March merupakan sebuah mobil mini yang merupakan mobil City Car. Dengan harganya yang murah, ada dua jenis kapasitas mesin yang ditawarkan oleh Nissan, yaitu 1.2 L dan 1.5 L. Tetapi tentunya, untuk mendapatkan yang berkapasitas 1.5 L, dibutuhkan budget yang lebih tinggi.