List of Recommended Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta

List of Recommended Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta – Nowadays, there are more and more restaurants that are open everywhere and also provide an extraordinary appearance and can make visitors comfortable. South Jakarta is the right area for you to visit to enjoy the enchanting night atmosphere and maximum service offered by various luxury restaurants, where you can find the best quality taste from various interesting menu variants to try. Well, some of these luxury restaurants located in South Jakarta are able to offer the best quality dishes. Come on, see anything!

List of Recommended Luxury Restaurants in Jakarta

1. Plataran Dharmawangsa
This restaurant, which is widely known through its interior design that carries traditional Javanese concepts in it, has received awards in the culinary longdongles field so that you can enjoy various variants of Indonesian specialties with delicious flavors.

In addition, Plataran Dharmawangsa also offers an interior design that is able to bring a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere in it through a combination of charming traditional aspects. Well, one of the most popular menus from this luxury restaurant is Dharmawangsa Chicken, beef jerky, and various other menu variants.

2. PASOLA Jakarta
You can find Pasola on the 6th floor of The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, where this restaurant has been known as one of the luxury restaurants located in South Jakarta so you need to spend starting from IDR 700 thousand to enjoy the delicious taste of the menu offered by Pasola, yes. Well, Pasola offers various menu variants that come from a combination of Western and traditional Indonesian dishes such as rendang and oxtail soup. In addition, you can also enjoy the interior of the room with a luxurious atmosphere accompanied by a night view of the enchanting city of Jakarta.

3. House of Yuen
If you are a lover of Chinese dishes, then House of Yuen is the right culinary destination for you to visit in the Senayan area, South Jakarta. You can enjoy various variants of Cantonese-style menus that are able to bring delicious flavors and stunning visual appearances. With an interior dominated by gold-colored elements, House of Yuen is able to offer a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere in it so that you can find various aesthetic angles in the entire room. Well, make sure you have prepared a budget of around IDR 700 thousand, OK?